No need for an excuse

I started this blog with the intention of writing solely about pursing my MLS (Masters in Library Science) and topics surrounding modern day librarianship. That intention was more of a cover – I really wanted to write more, give myself an excuse to blog again. But, why do I need an excuse? Why can’t I just blog to blog?

Well, because, for some reason, I think that I shouldn’t be doing it, because it won’t “lead” anywhere. I become so wrapped up in spending my time doing productive things, things that build toward my future, things that will improve my quality of life that I forget about the quality of life I have right now.

And if I just stopped and spent some time doing something for myself, I would be a happier person. So, maybe I’ll post about about libraries (I mean they matter a lot to me, so I definitely will), but I also want to write about myself, my feelings, experiences, what I’m currently reading. My thoughts about that really, really terrible TV show that I stopped watching. A love letter to Kesha.

And if people ask why I do it, what I hope to gain from it, I hope to say that I do it for fun. I do it for me. There doesn’t have to be a big goal for something to have purpose. There doesn’t have to a blank plus blank and then profit for something to have meaning and value.

Anyways, so maybe I need I new URL? Or maybe not? Or maybe it doesn’t matter?


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