Horsing Around About the Future

There was a girl in my neighborhood who I used to sit next to on the bus. For the longest time, she was the only person I called a friend. We read together a lot. Sometimes we played in the forest behind her house. I wasn't supposed to go into the forest. Her parents didn't … Continue reading Horsing Around About the Future



Pictured above is Claude Monet's The Magpie.   I once asked my boyfriend what my petname was. I meant what animal am I to you. He refused to pick a cat, stating that was too simple. Much time passed before he said that I was a Magpie, because my initials MAG and because of their intelligence. … Continue reading Magpie


Today's my birthday. I'm 27. Every time I think about my age, I think about the scene from Reality Bites (my all time favorite movie) where Winona Ryder tells Ethan Hawke she wanted to make a name for herself by the age of 23. Ethan consoles her by saying all she needs to worry about … Continue reading 27