Lost & Found

Running a Lost & Found is an interesting thing. You see what’s insignificant enough for people to leave behind and what’s important enough for people to come back for. There’s a special feeling of joy when you are able to reunite someone with a lost possession.

At the library, we have a Lost & Found. For the most part, it’s a place were the not-quite-important-enough possessions go to sit and sit and sit. Eventually, they are donated to campus surplus, which gives away or sells items left unclaimed. (I have yet to visit this office on campus that is full of unwanted things. I hear that campus staff can go in and take their pick. Office furniture, coats, Tupperware, bicycles, and more. I’m sure it’s magical. I’ll let you know when I visit.)

I’ve found many things in the library. Strange things. A clown doll with a broken foot. Costume jewelry. A diorama. A parking ticket. A giant photograph of a women in an American flag bikini looking at her reflection. A roll of toilet paper. (My bigger question with that last one is why an employee put it in the Lost & Found. Who does that?)

Today, well, today, I found a shoe. Not a pair of shoes. Just one shoe. I picked it up and looked around, trying to catch a glimpse at the feet of the patrons around me. Are any of them missing shoes? A patron looked up. He shrugged at me and laughed. It wasn’t his. He was just as confused about the shoe as I was.

I logged it in the Lost & Found. I wonder if the owner knows its missing and if they care.


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