Course Work

In Progress Course Work:

  • Public Libraries
  • Information Organization
  • Management of Information Agencies

Completed Course Work:

  • Information & Knowledge Professions: A course designed to inform about the principles of library science careers, values, and organizations. The course was evaluated on completing intensive reading and discussion board posts, annotated bibliography and term paper about the topic of our choice, a professional development activity, and mind-mapping exercises.
  • Research Methods & Analysis: A course designed to instruct about the scientific method, statistical reporting, research and survey methods, and how to evaluation others scholarly work. The course was evaluated on completing regular quizzes, a math-based midterm and final exam, a group project regarding gender ratio in a particular library, and a final paper examining an assigned scholarly article.
  • Information Indexing & Retrieval: A course designed to provide practical knowledge of indexing and abstracting processes and procedures. There was also a focus on the impact of the internet and social media on the indexing and search behaviors of users. The course was evaluated on completing intensive reading and discussion board posts, a group paper about an assigned topic, and an essay based midterm and final exam.

Current GPA: 4.0